Beads, Ovals and Spheres

Our Beads and Ovals are amongst the best quality available in the market. They are different from the ones produced by other companies for their unique brilliance. These Findings are ideal for making bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

They come in different sizes and with different holes, mooth or corrugated, with or without design. We have also developed two innovative beads: Diamond Cut Beads andSilicone Beads.

Diamond Cut Beads are recognizable by the brilliance and depth of their cut. Each ball diamond cut with various designs: Slash, Moon Cut, Disco, Fishbone, Double S, Double X and XL.

The Silicone Bead is the result of our continuous research for innovation. It is a seamless, two hole bead with an inside core of silicone. The silicone positioned inside the bead allows the article to have the required stopper function and to smoothly slide the chain that passes through.