Elastic Bead Chains

Elastic Bead Chains Gold and Sterling Silver Findings for Jewelry

This is a very new chain made to compete with beads simply threaded onto an elastic or silicone thread. In this article the strong elastic band is part of the chain and is inserted into the tube which goes through the bead and is then crimped onto the chain directly. You can cut the continuous length chain where you like to make bracelets as desired and the elastic will not cut loose. Also the elastic is not visible and if broken will not fall apart like the ones threaded by hand. This chain is available smooth, diamond cut 8 sides or two tone diamond cut and charms can easily be attached to it. Gauges for now are 3 – 4 and 6mm’s. Of course fire soldering cannot be used with this article.

  • Gold: 14 Kt, 18 Kt
  • Silver: AG 925

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This chain was created towards the end of 2013 and was a real novelty in the jewelry world. It represents the first chain that has the characteristics of a simple elastic stretch bracelet but with the strength and soundness of a metal chain. The creation of the Elastic Bead Chain meets the need of replacing the classic handmade bracelets with threaded beads.

Flexibility, Strength, Convenience and Sophistication are all fundamental characteristics of FAOR Elastic Bead Chain. These are all aspects that might seem antithetical but in fact describe the chain at its best. Our bead chain has an elastic silicone thread inside it. This chain is stronger than a simple elastic band threaded through. The elastic part in fact is not visible like in the handmade threaded ones and there is no possibility that one can break it.

This sort of bracelet was especially aimed for younger customers looking for very colorful and fashionable accessories that were at the same time very practical and easy to wear.

We produce Elastic Bead Chains in different gauges, from 2.5mm to 8mm, and in various metals such a Gold (14 Kt, 18 Kt) and Silver Sterling.

Our guarantee for reliability, as well as the product in itself, is also expressed in the certification that FAOR obtained in the year 2000 the UNI EN ISO 9001:2002.



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