Korean & Popcorn Chains

Korean & Popcorn Chains Gold and Sterling Silver Findings for Jewelry

This is a very popular group of hollow, stamped fold over chains, made in many different gauges and designs. In fact we can make the flat type or more similar to a popcorn shape.  It is available in different materials like Gold and Sterling Silver and can be finished smooth, Diamond cut in continuous length or finished with an end cap and lobster clasp attached. We also have a super flexible model and one with a hole going through it, for threading.

  • Gold: 9 Kt, 10 Kt, 14 Kt, 18 Kt, 21 Kt, 22 Kt
  • Silver: AG 925

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The Korean chain incorporates a large group of chains that differ according to their shape.

These chains can be produced : round, bombé or flat. Each of these chains can then be finished either smooth or diamond cut. The Korean chain is made up of many bombé shaped petals which in their final composition form a kind of popcorn design. In fact this chain is more commonly known as the Popcorn Chain. The flat Korean Chain have links that are simply flat and hooked together in order to create a more compact style.

From these two chains another one has been created. We can in fact assemble also alternated links that means for example five flat links together with five bombé links and therefore create another combination and unique design. From the basic Popcorn Chain we have created a more flexible variety with closer links and also a model with a hole drilled through it.

Aesthetically there is no difference between the bombé Popcorn Chain and the drilled version. The great difference remains in the weight.

We produce Korean & Popcorn Chains in different sizes, from 2mm to 4mm, and in various metals such a Gold (9 Kt, 10 Kt, 14 Kt, 18 Kt, 21 Kt, 22 Kt) and Silver Sterling.

Our Korean & Popcorn Chains are designed for use in jewelry products like bracelets and necklaces

Our guarantee for reliability, as well as the product in itself, is also expressed in the certification that FAOR obtained in the year 2000 the UNI EN ISO 9001:2002.



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