Gold Chains for Jewelry

Elegance and hypnotic sinuosity

We produce different types of chains in gold and silver by using the stamping and folded over process , in order to give jewelry designers a wide choice that does not limit their creativity

The Cobra Chain is one of our most exclusive and sought after products on the market today. Its distinctive features are the special flattened, oval shape and the razor sharp diamond cutting effect,  obtained thanks to the innovative, very high precision technologies used in our manufacturing processes. The final result is an extremely sinuous chain with hypnotic elegance. It fits perfectly around the neck and is also excellent as a bracelet. Produced in different external diameter sizes like: 2.6 - 3.3 -3.0 and 4.2 mm’s, FAOR is now working on new sizes that will be introduced during the year.

 Real Snake chains are made from a simple sheet which is processed using high-tech machines in order to obtain perfectly flat and shiny surfaces. The lightness and the infinite variations that can be obtained make this semi-finished product one of the most sought after in the world of goldsmithing today. It can easily be used in any collection, from the most modern to the most classical. Our 1.0mm size distinguishes itself from others on the market because of the perfect V shape that is created once placed on the neck with a pendant. They are ideal for everyday use and also perfectly worn as a bracelet with charms.

 Last, but not least, is the family of Korean chains which includes a vast group of semi-finished products that differ based on their shape. It is one of the most traditional and popular chains in the market and can be made: flat, with a round popcorn shape , diamond cut or smooth. Each chain can be produced in different combinations, all with their particular aesthetic and functional characteristics. From the classical Korean Popcorn chain FAOR has developed a softer and more flexible version with more petals and a perforated version, the latter is lighter since it is built with a hole that runs along the entire chain and can be used for threading wires or silicone and rubber bands.

COBRA CHAINS Gold and Sterling Silver Findings for Jewelry

This is a FAOR chain produced in Gold, Silver and Bronze and has an Oval shape that resembles the classic but flattened Snake Chain. It is built with the same system as the popcorn chain, creating this special, very flexible and sinuous shape. This chain sits well on the neck and is great as a bracelet. We produce it in different outer diameter sizes such as 2.6 - 3.3 and 4.2mm.

Snake Chains Gold and Sterling Silver Findings for Jewelry

Our Gold and Sterling Silver Real Snake Chain features round, highly flexible links which resemble a snake pattern. This Chain lays nicely on the neck and is great for use with Pendants as it creates a V shape and not a U shape as in the false solid snake chain or compact snake chain. It is made with the same system of links made out of stamped sheet, folded over and attached to one another. It comes in many gauges from 1.2mm to 3.0mm.

Korean & Popcorn Chains Gold and Sterling Silver Findings for Jewelry

This is a very popular group of hollow, stamped fold over chains, made in many different gauges and designs. In fact we can make the flat type or more similar to a popcorn shape.  It is available in different materials like Gold and Sterling Silver and can be finished smooth, Diamond cut in continuous length or finished with an end cap and lobster clasp attached. We also have a super flexible model and one with a hole going through it, for threading.


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