We produce different types of chains in gold, silver and bronze to give jewelry designers a wide choice that does not limit their creativity.

Fold over chains are made from a simple sheet which is then processed by high technology machines in order to create different forms. The Fold Over Chains family includes a group of five major types: Korean Chains, Tulip Chains, Cube Chains, Fish Scale Chains and Rat Tail Chains or as more commonly named, Snake Chain. These Findings are ideal for making bracelets, bracelets and necklaces.

The Beads Chains are one of the our most sought after products. We have designed machines capable of creating different designs refined and trendy fun patterns, in order to help jewelry manufacturers to create their finished jewelry with this type of chain for every type of customer. Beads Chains includes: Bead Chain with Diamond Cutting, Multiple Row Bead Chains, The Cubic and Round Bead Chains, Bead and Barrel Chain. Since 2013 we have introduced the innovative Elastic Ball chain made using Silicone. It represents the first chain that has the characteristics of a simple elastic stretch bracelet but with the strength and soundness of a metal chain.