Who is Rolf Buchholz: Ambassador of Faor's Campaign 2016

This attitude prompted us to look for a unique testimonial that would have in some way reflected Quality with the following adjectives: Different, Original, Shocking .And as usual the solution just occurred by chance…A ‘flash of genius’ of our sales manager who casually watching TV came across this celebrity and fell in love at first sight. What better testimonial could Faor have than a Guinness World Record! Rolf Bucholz, Guinness World Record for being the man with most piercings and body alterations in the world. He just had to be the new testimonial for the 2015/2016 Faor advertising campaign. Needless to say that the public opinion of the national and international Jewellery world was shocked. For sure it was an unconventional image, that stirred up many different opinions: both positive and negative. Exactly what we were aiming for! Our primary objective had been achieved. By choosing Rolf as our testimonial we wanted to communicate our originality and diversity. Who better than him could represent a Company like Faor, producer of World Record Perfect Semi-finished products. Rolf attracts attention and amazes everyone, just like the quality of our products. This was in fact another point of encounter between the Faor and Rolf. Our Products.

The first thing you notice looking at Rolf is the amazing amount of pierced beads that he has on his face. One of Faor’s main products was exactly this item…Beads… a great variety of beads and pins in many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. Practically a ‘walking collection’ of Faor products. After our initial approach and proposal Rolf cooperated with Faor throughout all 2015 and even came to visit our headquarters here in Arezzo. He enjoyed taking pictures with all our employees while learning about Faor’s technology and new products and everyone had a great time including the owners who organized a great party in the factory for this special occasion. During the major trade shows in Vicenza and Arezzo, Rolf participated alongside Faor achieving resounding success and interest as well as attention and curiosity from all our guests at the Stand but also from representatives of many other exhibitors in the shows.

Anyone could meet him by visiting our booth and everyone could immortalize the encounter by taking a unique photo with the most pierced man in the world. Faor was delighted to invite clients and visitors of the Shows for a tasty aperitivo and give away the exclusive shopper bags with all the best pictures from this exciting new advertising campaign.

The collaboration with Rolf will continue throughout the year 2016 and it will accompany us in the most important annual dates, in fact, our company will be present in the following Shows:
  • Vicenza Oro Winter in January 2016
  • Hong Kong Jewellery Show in Hong Kong from 3 to 7 March 2016
  • IJS: Istambul Jewelry Show from 10 to 13 march 2016
  • Gold Arezzo from 7th to 11th May 2016
  • Vicenza Oro Fall in September 2016
  • Hong Kong Jewellery Show in September 2016

At the end of the story, we can honestly confirm that we have reached our Corporate Mission: ‘Creating facts and leaving worlds to others so that every objective achieved can be the basis of a future goal: only in this way can you achieve the determination and resourcefulness necessary in order to compete in our industry’.
This is what we do every day here in Faor and this is what we require from all of those who collaborate with us: determination, resourcefulness and a farsighted vision of the future.
A future that is our constant goal, our drive to seek and always offer the best.
Our advertising motto ‘Shocking Perfection’ represents us at the best: a Shocking Perfection in both our Corporate Image and in our Products.

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