FAOR is a story that speaks about perfect products in constant development.

Products like our leading article, Spring Rings.

Manufactured in our first factory not far from Arezzo at the very beginning of our foundation in 1978, this 'historical' article has become today one of our main products and has established FAOR as a leading worldwide manufacturer for top quality, machine made findings.
From the very start of this adventure 38 years ago, the owners of FAOR always focused their attention on the fundamental mechanical characteristics needed to assemble spring rings automatically. This intuition led the company to generate an ever-increasing manufacturing quality and to become today a world leader in the production of many semi-finished products needed by the jewelry business.

The Spring Rings we produce today are of different sizes, with open, closed or flat links for an easier assembly onto all kinds of necklaces and bracelets.
All our items can be stamped with the purity of the caratage needed and customized with a brand or with the customer's logo.
We can make them in different metals like gold, silver or bronze and in the natural alloy colors required.
What differentiates FAOR Spring Rings from the ones produced by other companies is not so much the shape or design, which of course has to follow certain classical standards, but the following unique features:

  • Natural color of our alloys
  • Their smooth functionality
  • A perfect, piece by piece reliability
  • The ultimate speed in production
  • Ready, In-Stock, goods
  • Competitive Weights and Prices

These quality features are not an option for our products: they have become a General Standard in all our manufacturing phases.
It is our way of working and has become the way we develop each new article.

Unique Color:

Color is one of the fundamental qualities of a jewelry product, a very difficult feature to define and achieve.

The color, for any type of article in gold, is a very subjective aspect because it differs from country to country.
Depending on the market where the product will be placed, the customer may have the need to request for a particular color shade. A need that in effect can mean just a subtle difference for some but which is critical when one has to select a supplier of such articles.
The color should be bright and shiny and absolutely uniform with the rest of the object the spring ring will be assembled on. We, here at FAOR have conducted a long and thorough research on color, testing many different alloy mixtures in order to obtain the perfect color point required by our clients.

Our continuous effort to obtain perfect functionality:

For us in FAOR the word "functionality" refers to the perfect sliding effect realized by the latch inside the tube (also called shell). When opening and closing the latch of our Spring Rings, our Clients must be able to feel clearly how smooth this operation is and that there is not any kind of obstruction or resistance from the moving part against the tube. This problem frequently occurs when galvanizing the product: a problem that we have managed to resolve for our clients who have of course appreciated and highlighted this issue as one of our main strengths.

FAOR invests heavily in technological research for Perfect Functionality.
"Research", in fact, is a very common word in our company. Each item of our production, before being placed on the market and then inserted as a new item in our catalog, undergoes a rather long period of study followed by a subsequent period of test. The test period is performed both by the Owners of FAOR and by our Sales Staff in order to always have the absolute security of what is being sold in the market.
This type of painstaking research allows us to state, without any doubt, that each of our products will surely have the ability to perfectly meet the needs of the jewelry market and of our clients.

The reliability of our technology:

The production of our 'Spring Rings' is the result of the work of numerous machines studied and designed in-house. FAOR is equipped with highly skilled engineers specialized in the design and manufacture of gold jewelry machines. Each machine is made within our internal mechanical department in order to control and to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency required.
This advanced technology allows us to achieve a constant level of quality: In fact our production line can guarantee a scrap ratio of not more than 0.5% per production batch.
For this reason our spring rings are acknowledged as the ones with the highest reliability in the market.

Our guarantee for reliability, as well as the product in itself, is also expressed in the certification that FAOR obtained in the year 2000; the UNI EN ISO 9002.
This certification came at the climax of an evolutionary process that we were very proud of especially because it was awarded to us as the first company in the world, producer of semi-finished findings, to receive such a status.

Speed of production and ready Stock:

The speed of our mass production allows us to always have many types of spring rings ready in stock. Our machines, besides being of high precision, are also high-speed devices that allow a quick supply of the product in bulk quantities whenever needed.

This allows us to fulfill the needs of the customer who wants to have a high quality product in the shortest possible time. We at FAOR guarantee maximum speed and efficiency in deliveries for all types of clients.

Weight and Price:

The features described above are found in every Spring Ring model that we produce, from standard to superlight ones and which also meet another requirement of our customers’ needs, the weight. Our 'superlight' spring rings retain the same characteristics as described for the standard ones but with a much thinner wall thickness of tube, which really makes them very light.

Furthermore, despite the great effort needed to keep our promise of best quality and service efficiency in the market, we are glad to say that our price has always remained highly competitive.


Stamped Lobster Clasps:

FAOR started the production of Stamped Lobster Clasps after moving to the new factory in Arezzo during the early 90’s. Unlike the Spring Rings that were made using tube and wire manufacturing processes, these types of Clasps were produced with high quality sheet and then stamped continuously with hydraulic presses.
These Stamped Clasps exactly like the Spring Rings, undergo a thorough, industrial engineering organization, with internal and functional tests, before allowing them to be introduced into the market. They also have to reflect the core features found in each of our articles as described extensively above: Color, Functionality, Reliability, Weight and Price.
Our Clasps can be customized according to customer requirements with special logos and even with different galvanic variations. They can be with or without links and in turn the links can be supplied welded or left open according to the demands of the market.
Our Clasps can be produced in different sizes from 8 to 16mm and can be made in two different shapes: regular “Rectangular” and the new “Pear Shape”.
These Pear Shaped Clasps, actually have the form of half a Heart. In fact, if we take two of these clasps and we put them next to each other with the latch side adjoining, it is easy to note that the outer line of the two Clasps do form a perfect Heart Shape. It is a quite particular form that is not the same for every Clasp manufacturer.
This product together with the Rectangular Clasps made by FAOR are recognizable throughout the jewelry world especially because of their specific form; a soft rounded shape with a harmonious and proportioned design, very appreciated by all our customers.
The Clasps do not have production limits and can be manufactured in gold, silver and bronze maintaining in all materials the same excellent quality and the same opening and closing functionality.
Even if the production of Stamped Lobster Clasps was included in FAOR’s collection a little later than the Spring Rings, we can guarantee that they surely respect  all the same procedure standards described above and that they are today amongst the most popular and sold findings in the world.

Our Customer’s are at the center of our activities:

Customer Satisfaction is today a fundamental point for us and is a constant and daily confirmation of our work.

It is a true source of pride for our Company and for those who work here. It is without doubt the true Vision that drives each of us with ambition and desire to improve ourselves and to face the daily challenges of the market with a positive, inspiring and winning attitude.
This is the character that distinguishes FAOR in the world.

This is Us. This is FAOR.


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