The world of beads used in jewelry is so vast that it is constantly evolving and expanding.

The demand for this product has brought us to create new designs, new finishes and especially new ideas.

An attentive study of this product has led us to the creation of a completely innovative and unique variation: The Silicone Bead.

It is a seamless, two hole bead with an inside core of silicone. The silicone positioned inside the bead allows the article to have the required stopper function and to smoothly slide the chain that passes through.

From the simple creative idea upto the final implementation

Every FAOR item is always created from a careful and thorough study of the materials needed.

In the specific case of the silicone bead, the transition from the idea of the product up to its definitive design was certainly not immediate or simple.

The first difficulty arose when we tried to work with a combination  of different materials like metal and silicone. We overcame this challenge managing to establish the perfect fit for the bead so that the silicone inside had an adequate release and therefore created sufficient friction. This managed to block the chain that passes through without obstruction but maintaining a constant smoothness during the sliding process.

The other complexity was the design of a machine able to guarantee the necessary precision required to create such an article and a fairly fast production.

Our design department, jointly with FAOR’s head of production eventually succeeded in this difficult task, obtaining some really incredible results.

Our main value: Quality.

As each material, the silicone we use for this article must reflect some essential quality properties and respond to important health standards.

For this reason, the silicone we use responds to the current rules for this type of product as well as to various fundamental certifications. It is a type of silicone, which is also used for food products, and which therefore complies with the limitations imposed by today’s, strict EU regulations.

It is in fact a FAOR policy that all products produced in our factory must necessarily obtain excellent quality standards: aesthetically, functionally and above all a complete level of safety and health for the final users of these products.

The quality, reliability and safety of FAOR products is the core value of our company. This is evident at every stage of production and is totally reflected in the articles that are sold to our clients, who in return have to keep offering security, tranquility and quality assurances also to their customers.

Design and style: the silicone beads now dress fashion...

FAOR silicone beads can be produced smooth (in various sizes) but also with a colored starlight finishing in order giving the opportunity to our customers to be able to include these articles in their jewelry.

The silicone bead can be adapted to every personal need helping to make a truly unique piece of jewelry. It can be produced single (even with a laser-welded link for clasps) or double/twin type. That is, two silicone beads laser welded together, side by side. These articles are used mainly for the classic, up and down adjustable length, sliding necklaces.

These silicone beads also allow you to divide the various charms of a bracelet according to your taste and place them in the desired position without sliding all together onto one side of the bracelet. In this way, the bracelet or necklace will always remain in order, as you chose to wear it.

A valid alternative to the round shaped bead is the UFO shape, silicone spacer. This article has the same characteristics of the sliding round bead but what changes is the basic shape. Instead of being round it is flattened at its center just like a donut.

In addition, this article can be made in different variations; with or without rings attached or also in the twin version. They can be produced in various sizes and in various colors, in gold, silver and bronze.

The versatility of this innovative product makes it unique and suitable for every occasion and for every piece of jewelry. It is in fact a hot item even by designers because thanks to this component they can create many different collections.

Their simple functionality also allows these silicone findings to replace clasps. This is because once inserted the two ends of the chain through the silicone bead or tubular separator, these block the chain thanks to the internal silicone.

The only extra thing to do would be to fix two beads with a diameter greater than that of the silicone finding hole and this will guarantee that the chain will not slip out once pulled to adjust the length and put on the wrist of who will wear it.

FAOR, also in this case, has found a new way to reinvent the function of a simple bead but with an incredibly innovative option.


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