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When it comes to semi-finished products for goldsmiths, a world opens up in front of one’s eyes and minds. If then we refer to Faor products then this will turn into an entire universe.
This boundless horizon is represented by the profound union between our range of products and the fulfilled needs that have led our customers to prefer our product.
All this is summed up in one word, emblematic and vital in our industry, "Solution". Faor does not only offer semi-finished products for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, but offers mostly customer solutions for any type of problem that arises in dealing with this kind of item, so small but at the same time fundamental as it is the basis of every minimal creation of Jewelry. The winning card of Faor has always been to put the customer at the center of their world. Its needs, its inventive and its problems are translated into solutions, processes designed to create the ideal finding for every kind of claim. Straight from the consultation of the catalog it emerges that the wide range of products offered are able to offer various solutions for every kind of need.

FAOR semi-finished products for earrings

For FAOR, the word 'Earrings' encloses a wonderful set of ideas, possibilities and trends that shape each new creation of jewelry.
FAOR offers the best semi-finished products for the creation of an earring: pins, pins for pearls, butterflies, Omega clasps, Lever backs and hooks. It also offers an infinite array of balls and ovals that enrich and embellish each earring.

The Pin

The pin is a product of fundamental importance in the production of an earring. Its value and its utility go beyond being considered solely as a small piece of wire that has the function of passing through a pierced lobe and supporting the earring.
First of all, each pin, as it comes into contact with the skin, is produced in hypoallergenic material (guaranteed by FAOR).
At a technical level, the pin is an article of high strength and easy to use: easy to wear and at the same time not too easy to remove. For this reason, the Faor pin has one or two small grooves close to its end: once threaded, the butterfly stops in the groove avoiding moving or slipping away.
The Faor pin also varies in size. Faor produces different lengths for each type of product: shorter pins used mainly for baby earrings or longer pins for women earrings.

Pin for pearls

Faor also supplies the pin for pearls or for stones in general. This type of pin is produced with the same grooves at one end, in order to retain the butterfly; While on the other end it is provided with a small bowl that perfectly supports and surrounds the stone.


The Butterfly is another important finding used in the creation of earrings. Butterflies have to fit perfectly to the pin: they are easy to thread, durable and not too easy to pull.
Faor produces two types of butterflies, both of classic design but with different sizes and sizes. In addition to the traditional variants, there are also silicone butterflies and butterflies with a spring and snap-in mechanism. The first is a closure for earrings shaped like a clutch or a bullet. Inside it has a silicone core: this material helps to clutch on to the pin once inserted. In the second version, the stainless steel spring mechanism will ensure further security and will prevent the pin from falling out of the clutch. Both variants can also be produced with a silicon comfort disk surrounding the base of the clutch and adhering perfectly to the lobe.

Omega clasps

For those who love to wear earrings, but prefer not to use the butterfly, Faor also offers the so-called Omega clasp. This lock is a kind of hinge hook. It has this name since the article looks a lot like the Greek letter "omega".

Lever Backs and Hooks

To avoid using the pin, FAOR also offers two different alternatives: Lever Backsand Hooks. These hooks are mainly used for long pendant earrings, as they enrich and enhance the elongated shape of the jewel.

FAOR Findings for necklaces and bracelets

The same solutions are offered with semi-finished products for necklaces and bracelets.
Even in this case, Faor guarantees its customers a fundamental feature: lightness; however keeping quality and strength intact.
Faor offers Spring Rings and Lobster Clasps in various sizes and shapes, with or without links attached and in various caratages, Perfection of a durable and reliable Finding for jewelry.
FAOR Locks and Spring rings are subject to long lasting tests in order to guarantee to our customers a reliable product. If necessary, FAOR also offers quality after-sales support.
Besides these semi-finished articles Faor can offer a whole series of items that can be used for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. These items are the beads and ovals available with silicone, smooth or diamond cut. Endless collections of fantasy products can be made with Faor beads in various sizes and with holes that fully meet the needs of each customer. Diamond cut beads and ovals are the brightest and most shiny available in the market. They are manufactured from high-tech machines that ensure accurate and precise cuts and keep intact lightness that is of primary importance for this type of semi-finished product. A unique and inimitable variant, created by Faor, is represented by beads and ovals with inside a silicone heart. This kind of article allows you to block the items on a necklace or bracelet in the desired position.
At the base of any jewelry creation there will always be some kind of Chain needed. By browsing the FAOR catalog, you can discover an endless variety of chains in production- from the most classic to the most innovative ones (including some designed from scratch like the Elastic Bead Chain and the Fish Scale Chain).

... So why choose Faor as a supplier of semi-finished products?

Faor is synonymous of Quality, Technology and Innovation at very high levels.
Faor is a promise of security, Purity guarantee and endurance.
Faor supports the customer, effectively cooperating and meeting to their particular needs.
Faor is Perfection in the production of Findings for jewelry.

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