Fold over chains are those chains that are made from a simple sheet which is then processed by high technology machines in order to create different forms.

Their name comes from the way in which they are produced: by folding over one link and hooking it onto another.

The Fold Over Chains family includes a group of five major types: Korean, Tulip, Cube, Fish Scale and Rat Tail or as more commonly named, Snake Chain.

Despite the same method of assembly and the same semi-finished product of origin (the sheet), these chains are very different from one another.

All these chains can be produced in Gold, Silver and Bronze

The Korean Chain

The Korean chain incorporates a large group of chains that differ according to their shape.

These chains can be produced : round, bombé or flat. Each of these chains can then be finished either smooth or diamond cut. The Korean chain is made up of many bombé shaped petals which in their final composition form a kind of popcorn design. In fact this chain is more commonly known as the Popcorn Chain. The flat Korean Chain have links that are simply flat and hooked together in order to create a more compact style.

From these two chains another one has been created. We can in fact assemble also alternated links that means for example five flat links together with five bombé links and therefore create another combination and unique design. From the basic Popcorn Chain we have created a more flexible variety with closer links and also a model with a hole drilled through it.

Aesthetically there is no difference between the bombé Popcorn Chain and the drilled version. The great difference remains in the weight.

The Korean chains may also be hollow inside and hooked on from the outside only. These chains are also well known as Mesh Chains and we produce them in different gauges, shapes and designs. They can be made round, half round, flat, squared, concave and oval. Each of them can be produced in different sizes both smooth or diamond cut. From the family of the Mesh Chains we can create different designs and patterns on the surface.

It is easy to understand that the world of Korean Chains is extremely vast and continuously developing, in order to create, from one of the most classical styles of chains, an infinite array of fashionable models to use for new collections.

The Tulip Chain

The Tulip Chain is the latest creation of FAOR’s fold over Chains.

By observing this chain one can immediately understand why it has this name. It is in fact formed by many small petals that are folded over and linked to one another making it seem like this beautiful flower: the Tulip.

Also in this case it is a hollow chain and is therefore a very interesting article because of its extremely  light weight .

The peculiarity of this chain is its shininess. It is in fact the only FAOR chain that doesn’t need to be diamond cut in order to obtain a better shine.

It is produced in three different gauges: 2mm, 3mm and 4mm and is placed in the group of classic chains for its linearity and for its look that is suitable for any type of occasion.

It is produced in two versions Flat link and Bombé link

In both variations the chain maintains its fundamental characteristic of light weight and peculiar shininess.

Also the Tulip Chain, just as any other FAOR Chain, can be produced in different metals like Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The Cube Chain

The Cube chain is yet another novelty created by FAOR and as the name explains well, has the form of many small cubes attached one to another.

The geometric form is the main characteristic of this article. It is extremely light and this is of primary importance in the jewelry world because it allows designers and producers in general to be able to set their imagination free and not have to worry about the final cost of the article because it is too heavy and therefore expensive.

The lightness together with its originality and its versatility make it a strong point for our Company and for our customers.

The Cube chain is produced in three different sizes: 1.4mm, 1.6mm and 2.0mm both in Gold and in Silver, and is available ice, diamond cut in order to obtain a beautiful shine.

From this basic chain we have made different variations using our laser welding system and created multiple row and square shape designs.

In addition, these chains can be produced smooth or diamond cut and are used generally to create original models without having to worry too much about the weight and resistance of the final object.

The Fish Scale Chain

The Fish Scale Chain is another classical production of FAOR’s fold over collection.

It is produced from a sheet like all the other fold over chains that is then stamped and linked on in series, one link after the other.

It can be produced in different shapes and sizes both in Gold and Silver.

From the Fish Scale Chain we can make two variations: The Square shape and the Round shape. The difference depends upon the section of the chain and is clearly visible if one looks carefully at the links. The Square type has this shape because it is pulled through a tool with a square shaped hole. The Round type is made with the same system but using a round hole instead of a square one.

The main characteristic of the Fish Scale Chain apart from its lightness is its composition. In fact it is produced from single links, one woven onto the other which allow a different kind of assembly for the finished product.  One can wear it adding on some extra charms for example that can be assembled between the small links or as a simple bracelet and necklace with one solitaire charm hanging on to it.

It is an article that can adapt easily to any kind of model and high end jewelry design.

Rat Tail or Snake Chain

This chain is in high demand in the world of jewelry since it can be used easily, from the most modern to the most classical collections.

It is beautiful worn as a bracelet including various types of thread on charms or simply as a necklace with a single central part.

This chain is also called Snake Chain because of its characteristic round shape, its flexibility and the sinuous shape that reminds one of a slithering snake.  

We here at FAOR produce the real Snake chain. It is of fundamental importance to underline this issue because often  this article is produced in a completely different way and with the result being the production of the false snake chain, better known as the compact chain which on the contrary is a solid chain and therefore much more heavier than the hollow one we produce.

Another explicit difference is that when wearing the false snake chain, being compact and therefore rigid, a U shape is formed on the neck whereas the super flexible snake chain that we produce forms a V shape which is much more elegant and sinuous.

The Real Snake Chain can be produced smooth or diamond cut and is available in different gauges from 1.2 to 3mm, in Gold Silver and Bronze.

Fold over Chains: step by step towards the future of jewelry

FAOR invests constantly on its products, on ultimate production processes and on the creation and design of new articles.

The fold over chains is a clear example of this important FAOR objective

The production of all these chains that we have presented in this newsletter is the result of thorough market studies regards our client’s needs and of the results that our clients expect from our Company.

It is a consistent and detailed job that involves all of us from our Design Department up to our Commercial staff.

Each and every employee of FAOR becomes a fundamental part of this beautiful story. A journey full of success and satisfaction that will lead us towards an innovative future of technological and high quality standards in the jewelry world. A result that has brought the FAOR brand to be considered today as a strong and reliable partner for all of our Customers. 


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