Faor presents: Devoted to Perfection

Perfection is the measure of heaven, and the wish to be perfect the measure of man.

Being devoted to perfection means being projected toward continuous improvement. It is a universal law that is valid for every engineering process: the driving force behind the leading companies in industrial innovation.


From the manufacturing macro-process to the industrial micro-components: Faor presents its idea of perfection

So small, yet so important: Faor semi-finished articles are light, functional and essential to create excellent high-quality jewelry.

Every Faor product is the expression of engineering excellence and the result of careful research, technological innovation and an optimization of the industrial process. The most state-of-the-art machines allow for maximum operational precision, elimination of scrap and noticeable time-saving efficiency.

The absolute control throughout every process guarantees the high mechanical reliability of the micro-components, down to the smallest detail.

At the base of Faor’s work there is the insight and interception of market trends, as well as the implementation of flawless and controlled mechanisms.

Faor reserves an intense supervision over the materials used for its micro-components, choosing only non-allergenic elements. Besides, even the smallest item is subjected to long endurance tests to guarantee the quality of the product offered to the market.

Because of this system, clients know they are in good hands, and when they want to create the perfect jewel, they choose Faor.


Devoted to Perfection

Faor keeps its promise. A commitment to the highest quality findings that are operational, reliable and resistant: the perfect foundation for first-rate jewelry.

- Faor findings are perfect.

- Faor processes are faultless.

- Faor solutions are reliable, because they are based on flawless procedures.

- Made in Italy quality is always guaranteed.

Thanks to the selection of the best materials and to the most technologically innovative processes, every single Faor item, even the smallest, is inspected, tested and checked in order to reach the maximum levels of:

- Technological functionality

- Safety

- Resistance

- Durability

- Lightness

- Aesthetics.

Technically speaking, each element is designed in order to reach a high level of resistance and maximum ease of use: the objective is to make a jewel that is easy to put on and, at the same time, reliable enough to stay in place. The micro-components are tested and they exist in many different measurements, sizes and lengths, for all needs.

Faor components are produced with high-tech machines, guaranteeing clean and accurate cuts as well as maintaining a competitive level of lightness, a very important issue for the jewelry sector worldwide.

With Faor items, the minds of the best goldsmiths can unlock extraordinary ideas, creative potential and new trends. They can then go on to create first-rate jewelry, thanks to the high quality standards of FAOR Made in Italy Findings.

The wide range of Faor semi-finished products for jewelry-making is a bright universe filled with items and solutions well worth exploring and discovering.


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