Faor: Flawless Procedures for Customer Management

Faor’s flagship is customer care service. Clients’ satisfaction is the main target, that’s why the management office examines every single request and then entrusts it to the relevant department.

Faor fulfills an important task of consultancy and assistance to its own clients. They are supported during the selection of the most suitable items to different needs, up until the direct delivery of the order with the requested quantity.

At the heart of Faor’s work there is the insight and interception of market trends and the implementation of flawless procedures for customer management. These are the mechanisms that let the clients know they are in safe hands. That’s why they choose to rely on Faor for the production of jewels that are perfect like Faor’s findings, adding value to their business.


Reliable Solutions for Clients

The reliability of Faor consists of guaranteeing nonstop guidance throughout the entire supply process.

The constant orientation to perfection and the continuous research for final consumer satisfaction guide Faor in the creation of a long-lasting network, establishing a direct relationship with a dual objective:

- Guiding and supporting clients during product selection and through every phase of the sale process until the post-sales assistance and problem solving service;

- Consulting clients and analyzing their feedback, so that their voice - the most important one - can be a source of inspiration for increasingly improving the product line, delivery and assistance procedures.


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