Essentail: discover the fan jewel by Faor

The meaning of the “Essentail”  

The rediscovery of our family environment, of less frenetic paces, in the last few months we have all witnessed the importance of what is really necessary, but we have also forgotten something special:  The superfluous.
Let’s get back to showing ourselves off, the “eyes” on the peacock’s tail that defiantly gaze towards the hardships of everyday life.  A precious Fan that will blow away the grey clouds, and will allow us to rediscover a gesture of pure vanity. And return to be protagonists of our true dimension.  The elements that form Essentail combine the marvel of nature with technical excellence, two worlds united towards a momentum of perfection. The chain, an object related to stasis and to constriction becomes an instrument of freedom, a rainbow. Nothing is more fundamental than the superfluous.
The “Ventaglio Gioiello” presents itself to all intents and purposes as per its original use, a Fan: it initially appears from a closed position and extends itself, strip by strip to its total opening, like the Peacock’s wheel. This gesture, together with the see through enamels and the patented FAOR chain, creates a spectacular “Rainbow” effect; symbol often used during the lockdown period in Italy and combined to the phrase “Andrà tutto bene” which means “Everything will be alright". A peacock-headed tassel is attached to the bottom of the fan which, with the rainbow chain fringes, seems like a simple ornament, but in reality if you take a good look at it and pull the bundle of chains out of the cap, you will notice a lock. This will allow one to remove the tassel from the fan and then be able to use it as a precious bag tassel, a key ring or even a Charm if combined to a Chanel type chain.


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