The Elastic Bead Chain is the most obvious example of progress and results achieved by FAOR in recent years.

This chain was created towards the end of 2013 and was a real novelty in the jewelry world.

It represents the first chain that has the characteristics of a simple elastic stretch bracelet but with the strength and soundness of a metal chain.

A new restyling for a great product

The creation of the Elastic Bead Chain meets the need of replacing the classic handmade bracelets with threaded beads. There has always been a lot or demand in the market for this type of article: Various in-depth market studies, carried out by our sales staff, have in fact found a growing demand for bracelets with beads simply threaded by hand on to a rubber band or a silicone wire.

This sort of bracelet was especially aimed for younger customers looking for very colorful and fashionable accessories that were at the same time very practical and easy to wear.

The simple style and affordable price made it an iconic product in the jewelry field despite the major limitation represented by the low resistance of the elastic. In fact, this kind of item, as it was originally conceived, appeared to be quite fragile and delicate. Every time you wore it there was a firm possibility that the elastic could break.

For this reason we at FAOR  created this new product made from our standard Bead Chain modified with an elastic stretchable part built in automatically inside.

Unique features: flexibility, strength, convenience and sophistication

Flexibility, Strength, Convenience and Sophistication are all fundamental characteristics of FAOR Elastic Bead Chain. These are all aspects that might seem antithetical but in fact describe the chain at its best.

Our bead chain has an elastic silicone thread inside it. However if you cut the chain the elastic thread inside does not break and retains its elasticity: For this reason, the flexibility and length of the bracelet will no longer be a problem for our clients.

This chain is stronger than a simple elastic band threaded through. The elastic part in fact is not visible like in the handmade threaded ones and there is no possibility that one can break it. Not needing to be assembled with clasps as any other bracelet, Elastic Bead Chains are simply welded together by laser and slipped on and off ones wrist.

The Elastic Bead Chain is practical, comfortable to wear and at the same time sophisticated and fashionable.

The bracelet produced with this type of chain looks exactly like the one with threaded beads and can be considered a perfect gift for every occasion.

The chain can be produced smooth or diamond cut, one or two tone colors and of different gauges (from 2.5mm to 8mm). The Diamond Cutting designs available are the usual ones FAOR makes for the loose beads. It can become a fun, precious jewel in gold, silver or bronze.

A simple chain for lots of new ideas

The success of the Elastic Bead Chain is represented by its simplicity:

Based on this chain we can create a totally new collection of jewelry also with the addition not only of other beads but also of charms (applied to small easy to open and close clasps) attached between a bead and the other. The Elastic Bead Chain just like all the chains produced by FAOR has a versatility that allows you to use it in countless ways.

The Elastic Bead Chain can be used either as a bracelet to wear individually or as a semi-finished product to be assembled together with other valuable components for the creation of special, customized jewelry collections.

Starting from our original ideas and projects our products are designed to offer the widest range with which jewelry designers can indulge without limits, giving full flow to their imagination and creativity.

Faor products: an important starting point

Our ambition is that each of our components can be considered as an important and fundamental starting point for our customers collections.

Every product of high quality is always the result of a harmonious combination of components with exceptional characteristics that make it unique. FAOR always guarantees the quality, reliability, originality and elegance of its components. A guarantee that is visible in our Elastic Bead Chain, just like any of our products.

FAOR is the beginning of a higher productivity universe. The starting point for our customer’s choice of high-quality components needed to create an elegant and precious jewel.

FAOR is the natural partner of the creativity of each individual designer, the initial part of the story about every single jewel.

This is the common thought and shared opinion of every single person who is part of the great FAOR family; a proud and ambitious opinion that expresses a fundamental concept: “This is just the beginning...the beginning of it all”.


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