Success never occurs by chance

It arises from the desire to succeed, improve and grow. It thrives through perseverance and pure ambition.

These feelings are the fuel that have driven us to study the market, its trends and its requirements.

The study of Marketing is absolutely necessary for our Company to clearly understand in which direction we want to go; the feedback that our Sales Department reports to the Owners and Planning Office is critical in order to decide how to move and to highlight, point by point, the new Company objectives.

An authentic market survey is therefore prepared. During this first qualifying period of research and study: the Owners, the Marketing Department, the Planning and Production Office all work together, day after day, in order to actively respond to new Customer requests.

This procedure was also implemented for one of our latest products FAOR Diamond Cut Beads.

The result of our extensive research expressed the need to develop this product, ranging primarily between various patterns and designs but above all aiming to resolve the difficulties that customers consistently met when purchasing these Diamond Cut Beads in the market.

The decision to start the production of Diamond Cut Beads was actually born from a thorough analysis of the findings market where customers required to improve and resolve the defects of those already present on the market.

Our Goal? The correct balance between high quality and perfect design.

What differentiates FAOR Diamond Cut Beads from the ones produced by other companies is:

- The brilliance and depth of the cut that the diamond tool creates on the surface of the bead
- High production potential and fast delivery

A Diamond Cut with a unique Sparkle.

What makes a FAOR Diamond Cut Bead so brilliant is the cut that the diamond tool makes on the surface of the bead while operating.

More the cut is deeper and more the bead is shiny and bright.

It 's all a question of “light reflection”. A result which is very difficult to achieve.

In this kind of article the major difficulty is to be able to reach a depth of cut that reflects as much light as possible but without damaging the surface of the bead and therefore causing holes or cracks in the metal.

This result is essential to reach in order to obtain a unique product and an article that really makes the difference.

And how couldn’t we be able to undertake such a challenge?
The ambition of our Company has always been to emerge. To differentiate ourselves from everyone else especially for Quality.

This is the reason why we wanted to accept this challenge with great confidence and determination.

What we want is that our Customers are absolutely comfortable about what they buy from FAOR. Our products are of the highest quality and our quality is absolutely the highest produced in this market. All these issues together with the service that we consistently offer our customers from the order until the moment the customer has received the goods, is part of our Quality Project. All our Clients, large or small volume users alike, must have all our support in case of possible urgencies or special requests. Our client is never left alone but can rely on us every day for any kind of request and need.

Quality and constant Customer Service enables us to achieve the highest margins of presence in today’s highly competitive and demanding Jewellery World Market.

A thorough, precise and consistent engineering study was required to obtain certain results, both on the product and on the machines needed to produce them.

Each bead that we produce can be diamond cut with various designs: Slash, Moon Cut, Disco, Fishbone, Double S, Double X and XL are the most commonly requested designs in the market: any of these textures remain with the same excellent quality and unique FAOR Sparkle.

Each bead can be produced either in round or oval shape and in various sizes, from 12mm up to smallest ones with a diameter of 2.0 mm’s

Our Diamond Cut Beads can be produced in gold, silver and bronze.

High volume production: a major feature achieved by FAOR

The high volume production potential we have obtained with this product is one of our main strengths, especially if compared to other producers of these findings.

The owners of FAOR, together with our Commercial department, have realized that today it has become a priority for the Customer to be able to receive the goods only a few days after placing an order.

Generally we can fulfill an order within six working days up to a maximum of two weeks for more complex and special orders
These are in fact delivery times for orders that we have to produce entirely from scratch. However the best result we have obtained thanks to considerable investments and production organization is the “just on time” delivery service that we can offer to our customers.

This stock service concerns both silver and gold diamond cut beads, in different sizes, patterns and colors but also affects every other article of FAOR production and this is undoubtedly of prime importance for our customers.

Our just on time stock allows us to fulfill requests even on the same day ordered and is another incredible service that we offer to those who chose us as their suppliers.

Anyone can contact us regards requests for semi finished articles needed, even if they are not one of our regular customers. We are in fact convinced that once a new customer has tried the quality of our goods and service they will surely appreciate and will in turn become a satisfied FAOR client in the future.

We have created a specific internal department for this article here in FAOR which is provided with advanced, high speed machines capable of ensuring high volume production capacity while keeping intact the expected quality standard of the product.

Besides a production department entirely dedicated to this delicate item, FAOR is also provided with a design studio office that through a professional collaboration between designers and engineers is capable of creating new and exciting diamond cut patterns on our beads.

The customer’s needs are our priority

Everything we do every day here in FAOR can be summed up in one important concept: obtaining the ultimate Satisfaction of our Customers.

In order to create also something new for our clients, by using the same machines and cutting techniques we have introduced a new line of special diamond cut beads into our collection called Fantasy Beads.
These Beads are grouped within the "Fashion Line" family and offer different shaped perforated and colored beads.
The surface of these beads can also be colored by means of galvanic or enamel processes.
These types of Fantasy Beads can of course only be made in larger sizes with diameters from 8mm to 12mm.
This article is often used as a "charm" to enrich Pandora or Troll beads bracelets that the client can thread on and add to their personal collection.

New trends and younger fashion moods

FAOR is not just a simple semi-finished production Company but is an organization which observes new trends dictated by fashion and has a special attention to young people, their tastes and their habits.
It is a young, cutting-edge Company that always tries to be in line with the current needs of customers and especially as a fundamental and irreplaceable support for Companies that produce finished products.

FAOR is always looking positively towards the future in the jewelry world market but with the awareness of a glorious past full of great experiences and achieved goals.


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