The main reason behind the continuous growth of FAOR, the distinctive characteristic that pushes us to become a worldwide leading producer in the field of findings and semi finished products, is the ambition to always become better and better and to become the main reference point for all the major Italian and international jewelry manufacturers. For this reason, a few years ago, we felt the necessity of creating for our Clients not only a wide range of top quality findings but also an interesting selection of machine made hollow chains, just like the Bead Chain for example...

The Bead Chain: From its origins towards a future as a Fashion Accessory

One of today’s 'bestsellers' here in FAOR is precisely the Bead Chain.

This chain has become famous because it was originally used by soldiers to attach their ID-tags, the classical military identification platelets, in order to keep them on their necks without having the problem or the worry of losing them.

This first use was therefore essentially a very practical one. Then, when the fashion world took the cue from this military reality, the bead chain became a real fashion-accessory.

In fact this is a kind of chain that adapts very well to all types of jewelry, from the more 'popular', prêt a porter models to the most sought after and expensive, high fashion collections.

The smooth bead chain responds to a very simple and straightforward article.

It is a very light chain, made up from a series of beads and aesthetically presents itself as a delicate, elegant but at the same time very linear and resistant article.

It can therefore become a unisex accessory and be used to create jewelry collections either for the female or male universe.

We produce this type of FAOR chain in various gauges ranging from 1mm up to 8mm, in order to suit every need of our customers and of their finished products.

A careful study of design

In addition to the different gauges available, with this type of chain you can also create many different collections.

FAOR has studied and designed machines capable of creating different designs, refined and trendy fun patterns, in order to help jewelry manufacturers to create their finished jewelry with this type of chain for every type of customer.

Our company can provide this chain in different styles, just like changing different outfits according to the occasions and needs.

This versatility is fully expressed by the various types of diamond cutting we can apply to the surface of this chain.

Diamond Cutting: A matter of Style

The Bead Chain with Diamond Cutting finishes assumes a very different character and a very strong personality.

The world of Diamond Cutting is a real universe that allows you to create an infinite number of different textures on a very wide variation of chains.

Diamond cutting is a special process made by a machine that with a special diamond headed tool, can accurately remove parts of the surface of the chain.

In the case of the bead chain, the diamond cutting process allows you to create particular cuts on the beads therefore creating many different patterns and designs.

The characteristic of this type of production is the light that reflects on the new surface produced by the diamond cutting. In fact the diamond headed tool creates a series of cuts that struck by the light, assume the function of an actual mirror.

The area where the diamond has cut the chain reflects light on the cut edge and gives the chain a luminosity and brilliance that cannot be reached in any other way.

FAOR has all the specialized equipment for this type of process and uses high precision machines able to work also on surfaces as small as even 1 mm.

In this case, of course, an important role is played by the measure of the bead since the bead that Is engraved must necessarily have a workable area for the tool to work on. One of our most classical cuts is the 8 sides, which creates a kind of octagon on the bead, and delivers an incredible shine to the chain.

Same thing can be said for 'square shape' design. It is a diamond cutting which forms a cube on each bead.

There are also now new designs and cuts available for our chains with gauges starting from as small as 2.2mm up to 6mm. One of the most popular cuts is now the 3L or Slash Cut. Another very popular design is the SO or Smile cut. The name comes from the shape of the cut on the bead, which looks just like a smile. This article is also very well known as the Moon cut. 

Other cuts available are our 3F or more commonly known as the Disco Bead because it looks like the classic multifaceted ball that is in many 70 and 80’s nightclubs.

We then also can make an LI or Fishbone design together with our XX Double X design.

FAOR Bead Chains: Our most impressive feature, Quality.

The various designs that distinguish all of our Bead Chains are very different from one another however, they all contain various common features that distinguish FAOR production and have brought us to achieve a leading position in the global jewelry market.

These features are the shine, the precision in the cut and the overall quality of the diamond cutting.

These features bring out another, even more essential and important quality of our chain, the resistance.

In fact any type of diamond cut we want to produce on our bead chains, in no way would least affect the strength of the chain and its solidity.   

Multiple Row Bead Chains

Due to a constant and growing demand for this type of chain our designers managed to develop some new products using the single row bead chain.

Thanks to a series of new laser welding machines we were able to weld together more than one row of bead chains thus creating multiple chain segments.

Using this system of laser welding we have created this chain in 2, 4, 6 lines and have now managed to reach up to 8 lines.

This article is directed to the creation of a much sought-after product, that has brought enormous innovation in the classic view of this kind of chain.

With this novelty in fact customer demand has increased further and this article has become one of the most popular items sold by FAOR.

The Multiple row Bead Chains has emerged strongly in the world of jewelry design and expresses itself as a strong, determined and demanding article. An aspect that reflects the soul of today's woman; a delicate, elegant, refined and simple person that believes in herself  and in all her complexity.

In order to maintain a characteristic of elegance, this article is created by using our smooth or diamond cut  bead chain from 1mm to the maximum gauge of 1.80mm.

The Cubic and Round Bead Chain: 2016 New Entry

During the January 2016 edition of the Vicenza Fair a new bead chain article was presented in the FAOR collection.

Due to a series of adjustments in our machines a further development of this chain has been realized and we have created the Cubic and Round Bead Chain.

The Cubic Chain is actually nothing more than a small variation in the laser welding of the multiple row article.  Instead of soldering the beads of the chain together in 4 linear rows, we have managed to weld them together with 2 rows of chains on top of another, thus forming a cube..

This article naturally creates an inner hole where our clients can insert a rigid wire for the construction of bangles or other articles of this kind.

In this way it has the aesthetics of the classical bead chain but with the stiffness which is not common for this kind of product, and therefore obtaining a very interesting contrast which leads to the creation of innovative and original jewelry.

On the contrary the Round Bead chain is made with the same system but instead of welding them onto a flat surface, the chains are welded around a pipe, thus forming a tube.

The Tube of the chain, as well as the Cube, can be used both as a simple semi-finished product to be cut to the length needed or as a complete finished article

With this original product, the bead chain can now inspire designers with new creations and offer a glimpse to the future of this kind of item.

A chain that can be in itself so many other things, a chain that has many aspects and details for the creation of both design and functionality.

The Bead and Barrel Chain

A slight variation to the classical bead chain with a series of beads one next to another is the article made with alternating one bead and one barrel shaped element on the same chain.

A Barrel element is basically a sort of elongated bead, a small cylinder, that gives the chain a special sort of  dynamism.

The Bead and Barrel Chain can be produced in four sizes: 1mm, 1.20mm, 1.50mm and 1.80mm. Also this article can be produced either smooth or diamond but only on 8 sides.

Like most of FAOR articles it can be supplied in Gold, Silver and Bronze and are usually provided by the meter on spools in order to preserve the quality during shipping.

FAOR: Creativity, Innovation and Strong Character

Once again FAOR proves to be a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

Once again FAOR is synonymous of originality, innovation and amazing personality.

Our new creations change the way one sees a simple object, giving a new perspective, a new vision and a new possibility to use our products.

Creativity is the constant goal of our design team and that is what makes us grow and impose ourselves in today’s high end jewelry market.

According to us here in FAOR, Creativity is a way to respond firmly to fashion demands and Fashion style.

It is our constant endeavor towards Beauty and Quality.


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